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Mar 11, 2004
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Has anyone tried Lady Kalayna L&P product? It's a great value, but I'm worried that it may be substandard. But, if not I LOVE a bargain! :)


I have never used ther L&P but I use her tips
This is a private Label product, i.e. buy in bulk and stick your own label on it, sold to the world and his mother on ebay.
The liquid "is the best in the industry" hmmm..........ok
Cheap yes, but if something goes wrong will you get support and backup from their team of educators and years of R&D?

""Nail Salon Professionals: Take a look at the photo below - This 8oz bottle of Acrylic purple liquid and 4oz jar of Acrylic Pink Powder is being sold as a set! The purple liquid is the best in the industry, and the pink powder is the perfect combination. For those of you who will need to know, the finished acrylic has a barely noticable pink tint, but they are not "pink or purple" nails! ""
I have never tried this product but I when I was back in the US and working as a tech my salon used a "generic - No name brand" and we stuck our salon labels on. Let me tell you I had never heard of them before but the product was EXCELLENT!!! We rarely had to contact the supplier about anything because the product was so solid that we nearly never had any trouble with it.

I'm not saying this one will be fab, but for the money maybe get a batch and give it a go on some models for product fee only, or try it on yourself or other willing techs you may work with.

I know everyone here loves Creative and the running theme is Creative is the god of products (not saying that its not, just saying that is the vibe around here) & it is a great product, but that doesn't mean there aren't any product out there that can give great results as well.

There is a reason why Creative is a 'theme' a you put it on this site.

For one thing, many of the nail techncians who use this site, USE Creative so we speak about what we know.

As for Creative being the God of products, no one can deny Creative have earned a pretty impressive record, that is there for all to see ... Creative don't have to brag about it, the history is THERE as a testament to the product and the education that goes along with it.

Some people do love to 'Creative bash' for what reason I do not know but they do ... despite the impressive record, the tech support, the great customer service, and the fabulous products.

No one is saying there are not other products that get the job done (in a fashion) but Creative did not earn the respect it has for NO reason ... technicians know their own minds and we are all free to make our own decisons ... if you think you have the product that is best for you and your business then that is great. Personally my choice is to be associated with the BEST and a BRANDED line that my customers ask for by name. I am quite happy for you to stick to your choice and i will remain happy with mine.
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