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Jun 30, 2006
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Greater Manchester, UK
Evening everyone!

I have just had an email from a potential client who currently has gel nails and due to a back injury cant get to a salon for a re-balance so wants me to do them. I dont offer gel at the minute so can i give her the option of re-balancing them with l&p? If so what would i have to do? I'm thinking i would just file the gel down and re-apply l&p as this right?

i have done a client who use to have gels then converted to L&P, all i did was buff off the gel and done a back fill and you couldn't tell. Mind you it was the same product make NSI gel and then converted to NSI atractions.
I believe that, regardless of which brand, you will be fine to use l&p over gel.

I have personally done this several times and had no probs. hth x
Thankyou! That helps a its basically just a normal re-balance. I just hope she can be swayed into l&p.....I know some people are gel people, some l&p people and they refuse to pursuaded to try the other!!!

thanks again

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