Are all competitions the same?


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Mar 17, 2010
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Hi guys long time no post, eh?
So anyway with having recently been to Olympia and having the chance to see the nailimpics and what techs produce there, I have been somewhat nagged into wanting to enter a competition.

So here is my question. Are all the competitions looking for the same results from a nail or can it change from one comp to another? How do you find out?

I was planning to take a competition class i the new year to prepare, but until then is there anywhere thats a good resors for tips do you think that looking at winning nails from the past would help?

Thanks in advance.
It depends on the competition as far as what they're looking for, but most competitions give you a heads up of what the criteria is. I can tell you from a judges standpoint, if it's a tip overlay, you're looking at does the tip fit sidewall to sidewall, does it have good/clean contact with the free edge, it is blended, is it straight, etc. For sculpted you're looking at similar areas making sure that there are no gaps/overhangs at the sidewall/free edge area, flush/continuous contact where form and free edge meet (no ledges/overhangs on underside of nail), is the c-curve developed and is it balanced. Then on both you have the basic structure of the nail, so is product appropriate distance from cuticle area/sidewalls, shape of the nails (apex, beveling, etc.), if it's p/w you're looking for a clean/crisp smileline nicely balanced...every aspect that can be scrutinized comes into play.
Thanks for the reply and the tips.

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