Are my nails good enough?


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Dec 22, 2015
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Can I have options please also any advise I did these nails yesterday do you think there good enough to charge? I don't feel confident enough to charge people yet as this took me 3.5 hour acrylic sculpted and then nail art and I think it might be bit to messy.
Its a bit difficult to tell with the nail art, it's distracting, but they seem quite good. What is the patchiness all over the nail, is it the polish dried streaky or is it marbelling from a cover pink powder?

I'd rather see them undecorated to judge but they look to be consistent length and shape, not too long for the fingers, apex looks OK from what I can see, but maybe a little thick at the free edge.

Nail art can hide a multitude of sins, however, save the 30 minutes/hour/whatever you spent doing it, in perfecting your application and final finishing until it becomes second nature, then start adding extras

Post up some other pictures, preferrably side on and barrel views so we can better advise you next time

Keep at it
I would work on your time before you charge.
I can't see the pictures x

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