Are there any websites where I can watch acrylic application techniques?


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Dec 28, 2007
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I am specifically looking for the application technique near the cuticle area. I think I am applying it too thick and too close, or possibly too wet or too dry in this area. I do own all the Tammy Taylor videos, but would like to see as many videos as possible to perfect this. :smack:
Videos are great fun and i love watching them but for actual learning i really do think it has to be in person...can you maybe arrange a one to one with a educator...?

(Nailzoo has lots of videos on his website and there are some on youtube)
kitkat where are you located? You can pm me if you want to keep it hush hush ;) I know an educator or can find one in most places- or close to them.
Rochester NY. PM you? I don't get it :) lol That would be great! I think I just need to sit down once with someone and I will finally "get it" so to speak.
click on heathers user name HeatherDavis and then click on send a private message...(pm)....HTH x
Ah I dated a guy from Rochester a LOOOONG time ago. He was a very charming Italian WOOOOO.

There are a couple educators in NY- I will pm YOU. :)

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