Are they trying to help me or ruin me??


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Jul 13, 2007
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I just registered my new business (home based salon) with one of those web directory things. You know the ones, "find a beauty salon in your local area". I don't know if anyone actually searches them but it was free so I though why not.

Any way, I registered my business details with them then had a browse around their site. They had a page with heaps of articles so I started to read one called "How to Choose a Beauty Salon"

I am so mad after reading the crap in the article, where do they pull this info from!!!

BTW, I don't know how to link so here's the whole article, sorry.:o

How To Choose a Beauty Salon

Given the number of stories you hear nowadays about fungal infections, hair falling out and acne eruptions as the result of beauty salon treatments gone wrong, it is probably a good idea for you to check out a beauty salon before you make an appointment.

The best way to find about the treatments at a beauty salon is to ask for a breakdown of their rates and their treatments, which should be readily available in a brochure that they hand out to customers. If a beauty salon does not have this kind of brochure then they are probably not reputable and may change their prices at whim.

Yet another way to find out where the best one in town is simply through word of mouth. Sometimes this backfires as girlfriends have been known to give others wrong advice on purpose so they can keep their beauty salon secrets all to themselves.

Another good way to find highly rated salons in your area is to look through the services offered listings in local high-end magazines. Often these city style
magazines have rating systems that can help you choose a quality high-end beauty salon that you can afford.

In general it is probably a good idea to avoid beauty salons that are in the more run down areas of town. You also probably have less insurance against an infection or fried hair as the result of a bad perm job if you go to a beauty salon that is a hole in a wall or run out of someone’s home. These cottage industry style beauty salons often cut corners to pay the rent by doing things like not sterilizing their tools, reusing tools and using old product. This can be a recipe for disaster for your looks as well as make you ill.

The best beauty salon is usually located in a more upscale end of town or in a shopping center.Usually they are chains that have some kind of quality control or cleanliness policy in place. As is true with many things in life, the more you pay, the better you will be treated. So in this sense the rates of a beauty salon can tell you a lot about the quality of service that you can expect.

However one drawback of using the more expensive salons is sometimes they have real attitude. Remember that you don’t have to pay money to be treated in an arrogant or insulting way by some guy who thinks he is the next judge of America’s Top Model.

There are also some low-end beauty salons that belong to chains that provide haircuts and basic services like pedicures and leg massages at a very reasonable price. However the employees in these chains tend to be a lot younger than in the high end ones so keep in mind that you could end up with amore youthful look then you imagined when you walk out of the salon. However for some people that
could be a good thing!
Well that was helpful - NOT! and I've never heard of someone being so selfish as to deliberately send them to another salon, in fact quite the reverse. What are some of these writers on?
I'm especially mad because my salon is 'run out of someones home' and isn't the most upscale area in town. I definitely don't 'cut corners' with my services or hygiene practices just because I don't have an area manager (salon franchises) telling me how to run things.

I was tempted to tell them to remove my details from their site - I don't need that sort of advertising help, but I don't think the public would believe that sort of rubbish anyway. Those that do can stay at the local NSS.

BTW, I think I have figured out how to link now, sorry about the huge post before.
OMG thats awful!!:eek:

I'd like to know which site that was with because I spent ages registering my site with search engines etc last night.:irked:

You ought to e-mail them and 'correct' them of some of their many misunderstandings about salons, home based or otherwise and yes, request removal from their listing.
I'd remove the listing - there are plenty of other directories out there that dont go into that much detail!!!

Gum Tree

Up my street

Thomson local

Bt phone book

To name a few

Good luck chick! x
You guys have made up my mind for me. I will ask to be removed from the site as a matter of principal. It's like they advertise my site and then tell people not to go to me because I don't sanitise my equipment and will give them a fungal infection.

The site was: Beauty Boost

Thanks for those other directories, I will go and register with some decent sites now.

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