Artistic Colour Gloss - Sassy & curing without light


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Jun 29, 2013
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Do any of you girls have sassy & find it cures to a slightly different colour?
To me it looks pinky peach when applied but looks peach/apricot when cured?


Also, do you know what artistic is exactly?

I normally use ibd just gel (100% gel) & have bought some acg. I find it smells more like lacquer but also starts drying/curing (something) on its own. It dosnt have as much play as ibd.

I find if I'm slow at applying or go back to fix it, It leaves marks like lacquer would. Like dragging the 1st coat etc.

Also, I love using diamantes & have always put them into the 2nd colour coat. With acg it's not working. I cant push them in as its dry, with ibd, i can kind of push them in so the gel holds them when cured. With ibd, if I need to move the diamanté slightly, it's easy, No drama, with acg, it leaves marks.

Does anyone else find this happens?
Iv tried to google what acg is exactly but am coming up empty.

I have sassy and my colour stays the colour it's meant to be.

I've never had issues with it curing on it's own, it can start to get thicker if you leave it for too long, I get this if I'm doing nail art and leave the gel polish on my thumb pallet but that takes a good while to happen.

Also with gems I apply them exactly how you've described and mine apply perfectly and stay on the whole time of the manicure.

Can I ask where you purchased your acg from? Are you using the acg base and top coat? Xxx
Thanks for your reply.
I bought my acg products from my local beauty supplier. Trade only place. Legit distributer. I use the whole system.

Do you have a photo of sassy you could show me?

Iv tried a couple of colours now & though I think the product is great & I don't really have any major issues, my diamantes fell off within an hour. They normally last until I remove my polish. Iv just redone my nails with sassy & the diamantes stuck a little better. (so far, it only been half a day)
The last colour I tried was posh & when I applied the diamantes, it felt like they were being applied to dried polish. I could feel that they wernt getting pushed into the 2nd colour coat. Today's was only slightly better. It didn't feel the same as when I use ibd.
Sorry I totally forgot about this post! I will try and get a swatch for you when I'm home xxx
Never had an issue either and it does not smell at all
Wow, I have about 16 colours now & they all smell like lacquer. Much stringer than my ibd just gel Polish. They are all legit, so that's weird.

Bellla, that would be great. You can see from the photo I added originally how it looks cured & uncured.

I noticed vogue has also changed colour on my swatch. It's now a true grey instead of having that purple undertone.
yeah mine smell too, like lacquer. Much more of a stronger smell than my ibd JGP.
But of course they would smell, they are chemicals, lol.
I get what you mean though, the ACG is stronger.
Sorry I totally forgot about this post! I will try and get a swatch for you when I'm home xxx

Hi there, did you manage to make a swatch? I'm sooo curious!

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