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Mar 27, 2007
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I have a weird question~ lol But I am fairly new in the industry and the main thing I have still not figured out is how to go about the Soak! I always end up grabbing their foot and starting before the 5 mins is up. I sit them down, the footbath is always filled already~turn it on~ have them pick out a polish and offer them a beverage (but they usually always decline or have their own anyways!) And as I am just starting they are all new clients soooooo I never know what to say~ it always feels so awkward~ I usually end up saying " so whens the last time you had a pedicure" but I think that might affend people & just sounds plan ridiculous?! LOL I always feel "new" at this point in the pedicure & feel I give a terrible first impression. Sometimes they of course start a conversation and I go with it but when they don't~ it sucks! I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this or how you handle it~ things you ask or things you do to occupy this time : ) Thanks so much!!
Well you have to remember your in charge.. Lead the way.. offer them a magazine if they are not talkative..
Explain what you are doing.. say that you will have a 5 minute soak.. can i get you a magazine.. blah blah blah..
Dont be shy or afraid to talk.. it can come across as rude or obnoxious even though you are not!
set the mood with relaxing music..((or if your like me, make a mix of songs that make you happy and comfortable))

REMEMBER.. your in charge.. keep up to date on current events.. I have learnt to open up a conversation where they do most of the talking so i can concentrate..

If all else fails be honest.. Tell them that while your bloody good at your job your a bit nervous when it comes to conversation... Its a good ice breaker and most of the time puts the client in an open field!! (so to speak)

I had a girl once who i was sure hated me!! she never spoke to me and seemed to always be sneering.. :rolleyes:.. made me so nervous.. but she keeps coming back.. so i keep being myself.. its all we can be!
I think the converstaion part is quite important for alot of clients. A pedicure is about them and pampering themselves. The majority of the time physically and emotionally lol!

For new clients depending on the time of year I will always ask either "Have you got any holidays planned this year" Or "Have you been on any holidays this year"
If they say yes always say "I'd love to go there" then they will tell you all about it - If they say no ask them what countries they have been to or where they would like to go.

Other neutral topics that are great our the weather, x-factor- big brother etc

Clients that have been to me before a classic " So how have you been?" always gets them going.

For me I've found the key is to always pretend your super intrested in anything they say. The more intrested they think you are the more they will talk to you about it.

People that dont like to chat, as littlegrohl said, a magazine is perfect.


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