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Jul 30, 2011
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Hi, I was wondering if some fellow geeks would give me some advice about my current position.

I am about to graduate from a law degree but have decided law is not a career I would like to pursue. In the past 18months I have completed tanning, waxing and s.p. eyelashes course. I intend to complete nail courses in following months.

I have studied in scotland and built up a small client base on the side. I am now moving back to N.Ireland, where I am originally from, to decide what I want to do with my life. Im pretty set on moving home and to offer more treatments

Here are my options:

a) Move home from scotland to N.Ireland and rent a room in a busy hairdressers once I completed more courses (and got more experience) and work mobile on the side to cover those who cannot reach me at a salon. (I live central to many towns) This will hopefully build up a solid client base.


b) Just work mobile for a short time and hope I get enough work (plently of advertising!)...with the aim of renting a room/salon in the future??

Also...In your opinions, what would compliment the treatments I offer at present? (apart from nails)

I am so unsure what to do...Any advice is welcomed :)
Hi 😄

I would try with mobile first of all, that way it gives you the opportunity to build a client base and carry out treatments with out the cost of renting and bills etc...
Eg.. If you are mobile and don't have anything in then your not wasting time and money like if you were to be in a salon and you don't have anything in then you adding to your costs (if that makes sense!!!)
If you do well then maybe you can think about renting a room or salon bringing existing clients with you....?!

With regards to treatments I think maybe you could add facials and tinting and if you like massaging, that aswell?!

Love to hear how you get on! xxxx
Also being mobile will allow you to gain experience and maybe you can practice on friends and family at a discounted price?xx
Set a start date, eg Monday, have all your flyers and adverts/marketing ready for this day, also cv's and portfolio, on Monday, it's a v busy day!!! Get your cv's out, then get leaflets out, do it all on 1 day, this way you have the best of both, interviews as mobile clients, see which one takes off the quickest. Xoxo

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