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Oct 11, 2013
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Hi everyone,
This is my first post so hope I'm doing everything right :).
I'm a qualified hairdresser and eyelash extension technician, I used to work in a salon but when I left on maternity leave I decided to take a break from hairdressing and went into a completely different industry but still doing cuts ect on family and friends, anyway I have recently started up again but doing mobile I'm really enjoying it and things are building up slowly but wanted your advice on how to get more clients. I have a fb page and am going through free advertising pages and looking a networking groups but is there anything else I can do? There are a few salons around here that just offer hair services so I was wondering about asking them if they would take flyers (obviously just the eyelash extensions) and recommend me on to there clients if I offered them 50% off of a set of eyelash extensions and then 20% off of future treatments, does that sound any good? Xx
Search for a thread by Lynne Baker called 'More ways to promote your business' :)
Ok thank you :) x

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