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Sep 5, 2010
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Aylesbury Bucks
Does anyone have a nice back massage routine they could post for me!!

I've been doing FBM for a while now & was wondering if anyone had any good back massages they would give me, something new & different!!

Thanks :) xx
Why not go on a further education course? I go on new massage courses nearly every year, despite having been in the industry for an age. Without demonstration written routines are rarely decipherable by anyone other than the person who composed them!
Don't you change it up yourself? I make it up as I go along now, I do lots of different therapies so I adjust and adapt depending on what I find. Do you really need a routine? I'd be bored stiff. I agree with Martin though, go on a CPD day, it'll keep life interesting for you. I'm doing a Trigger Point 2 day course this weekend, I can't wait...sad I know :green:
ditto to all above,
I do about 10+ styles of massage, from swedish, aromatherapy, Balinese, Indonesian, Lomi Lomi, ayurvedic, thai, tibetan, hands-free, deep tissue etc etc but I still keep learning.

I go on around 3 courses a year to freshen my knowledge and often repeat courses to get a deeper understanding of the subject.

Their are also DVD's out there to purchase.
I agree with the above, my massage does vary from client to client as they all have different reasons why they come to you and i adapt to each one to make it more personal. Nothing worse than going for a massage and not having a consultation first about what you want to gain from the session.
Also its good to go and have massage from time to time and try different places too, i have picked up new movements along the way from doing that.
I also change it up with each client and do a mixture of swedish, deep tissue and a wee bit of reflexology in some treatments and it goes down a treat.

I was lucky enough to learn many modalaties on my year long massage course so maybe a bit easier for me to adapt to each client as I can pull a few things from the bag as such. I don't really know what you get taught on courses in the UK but from what I read you seem to have to do a short course for each modality?

So I too would suggest you do another massage course and see what else you can pick up. Having a massage yourself is also a great trick.
Depends entirely on the course; some people do lots of short courses & some do full time. I did various types of massage over a two year HND beauty therapy course (5 days a week, 9 to 5). That said, even now, 13 years after starting in the industry I still go on continual education courses.
Thanks Martin I did wonder how it all worked.

We have to do continuing education before our license is renewed every two years, includes health dept exam booklets on HID/AIDS, medical errors, Ethics and then there must be classroom based training for the rest of the credits. It is a great way to keep fresh whether you like to or

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