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May 24, 2007
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Tennessee, U.S
Does anyone on here use any of the backscratchers line? what are everyone's thought's on this product? Does anyone recommend another line, with this type of non liquid application? Thanks
I think I've seen a backscratchers thread. Try and do a search for them through the forum :p
:)Thanks, I will check it out now! I have had a set of these on,that have been double dipped, for a month and just did my fill. Did have a little lifting on a couple but nothing major.Just wondered if anyone else had good results with these.
O.K, I have been reading up on the backscratchers (extreme is the one that I purchased) and I saw some post about sanitary issues? Could anyone explain to me how that could be any less sanitary than using a bottle of nail polish on more than one client ?Same Question for L&P,as most people only clean their brush with monomer between clients and some places I have seen them use from the same monomer on different clients (they just keep adding more monomer as it gets low).Both the polish brush and the acrylic brush are coming into contact with the clients fingernail.
I had this same discussion with another tech that worked for one of the big L&P companies and of coarse that conversation was biased,as she was defending her product by having this unsanitary view of the dipping.The other nail techs that I worked with felt the same way as I,as far as one being no more unsanitary than the other.
Just a thought..................................

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