30,000 bottles of essie nail polish for sale


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Mar 20, 2024
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rochester ny
Hi everyone! I have recently aquired over 30000 bottles of essie nail polish for sale. many of it is still in the boxes, 6 packs, 28 packs and 72 packs. does anyone know what the best way to resell this would be? I'm looking to offload it in bulk quanities or mystery packs if that makes sense
i would take any and all advice thank you!!
Well I wouldn’t be interested in multiple bottles of the same colour,

You could package them into colour families - 6 shades of red, 6 shades of blue/green, 6 shades of pastel colours, 6 shades of bridal soft pinks etc. Then I’d offer it for sale as 12 products - choose 2 colour families, This would be useful to students starting their courses so I’d contact colleges and in person private beauty colleges. You could try reaching out to tutors or department heads of schools and offer them free products for bulk orders, so something like12 free products for every 96 polishes purchased. They will place a bulk order on behalf of their students and you deal with one point of contact.

Good luck

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