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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Having a bad day today - really feel like giving up!

Went to my mum's on Saturday to do both her and my sister's nails. First the odourless acrylic I was using just wouldn't adhere to the nail tips and I had to kinda patch it up. My mum was pleased with the result - nice natural looking nails, but I was mortified that it happened. :(

Then I done a set of gel nails on my sister. I wanted to give her medium length nails and explained that she isn't used to having long nails and would more likely catch and break them if they are too long, but she insisted she wanted them longer as she liked filing them and would file them down shorter.

Well, she started filing them down, but it looked like the gel was coming away from the tip leaving an opaque kinda shadow on the tip. I didn't know what to do, so I left her filing them. She was only filing the sides and not the length although she promised she would make them shorter.

Anyway, I went away Sunday night and got back home late yesterday to find four messages from my sister saying that she'd caught her thumb nail and ripped it off and her nail had been bleeding! I don't know what she's done with it as she went on holiday last night before I got home and listened to the messages. I'm really cross with myself that I didn't insist on cutting her nails shorter.

I'm having really big doubts about my abilities now!!! :oops: :(

Hope you don't mind me posting, just wanted to whinge. My boyfriend doesn't know what all the fuss is about!

Guess I probably should have posted this in 'chat' too...

You poor love we all have days like that but...then we pick ourselves up again :D
OK are u buffing the nail tip to get rid of the shine before you applie the acrylic..could be the reason the acrylic is not bonding.
You done right by suggesting to your sister that she has medium length nails to start with but if she insisted that she wanted them longer then she must take Responsibility for any outcome (breakage ect )
And lastly never let the client file the nail apart from the length, if your sister was filing away at the side walls this would weaken the enhancement.
So pick yourself up have nice bath a glass of wine and put the bad day behind you :D
Take care Dawnie xxx
Yikes! I'm meant to buff the nail tip first!!! :shock: Oh my word - must have been having a coffee break during that part of the class!!! That explain's it all. Now I really want to go back home and put the duvet over my head!!! :oops: I feel soooo stooooopid!!! :oops:

This highlights a problem with working on friends and family - they have always known you and your sister seems to bully you and gives the impression that she knows better than you - who is the trained professional here lol

Explain to your sister that with gel nails she cannot reduce the length as this will break the seal of the gel and possibly cause it to lift at the free edge.

Did you charge them - if not then you should have and then they may value them more.

Dont give up - just put this down to experience and carry on.
That is exactly what happened - the free edge lifted!!!

I didn't charge them for the nails as I feel I haven't had enough practice. I think you're right though, if my sister had paid to have them done in a salon she would look after them better. Can you believe she even had them in her mouth when I went out the door - she said she likes the sound of them on her teeth!!! :shock:

I think I'll take Dawnie's advice - have a glass of wine and start again tomorrow!!!

Hiya Karen

Read your entry and all I could say to myself was aaah bless :( I've only been doing nails for about six months and I've had some really horrible things happen where people's nails break off really quickly or lift loads. At the beginning I'd do a set of nails - think they look brilliant and then within no time at all the person would be telling me something had gone wrong. It was so disheartening I've wanted to pack in so many times.

I promise you though that it does get better - my customers are having a lot less problems now as I think my technique's definitely getting better. Another thing though is I'm sure a change of product has helped - I trained on Star Nails acrylic and had a lot of lifting problems but I've got hold of some Creative Retention + and it seems to work much much better - have to take the conversion course at some stage though cos I see the kit itself is worth more than the course and won't be able to buy any more product if I don't! :(

So, don't be disheartened (personally I think your sister took pleasure in telling you her nails had broke - she's probably jealous of what you're doing for yourself, I think I had some of those sort of clients at the beginning - people you offer to do nails on free who just seem to love to tell you when something goes wrong!) it'll all fall into place eventually - (hopefully, I say, for my own sake too!) :)
Thank you for your reply Nails at Home,

It is disheartening, isn't it? Everytime I do a new set of nails I seem to come across a new problem! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I agree the product I'm using probably isn't the best. I'm using an odourles product at the moment as I practice at home in our lounge/dinning room and my boyfriend HATES the smell of the liquid.

I'd LOVE to use creative, but have to save up for the training.

I'm off to my nail art class tonight - much less stressful!

i know how u feel people can be so frustrating especially when they are family :rolleyes:

we both need to get strong and confident ,and nip it the bud so it dont bring us down :o

keep on saving creative is brill,i used to use an odourless acrylic and found i didnt get on with ,havent lookedd back since using creative

who would of thought nails could be so frustating :!: we will get there karen :D

my friends & family are the WORST clients , one cousin breaks at least 6 nails within 1 week of a new set. I always thought it was me & I was just building, crappy, weak nails, but since I've started to do extensions on 'Clients' rathre than family, I've noticed that its only actualy her that has this problem. as Geeg said on another post, don't practice on biters or problems nails as you will treat THEIR problems as yours!

too true.
I know this is now quite an old post but someone may still see what I have to say.
My daughter is the worst client in the whole world!!!!!!!!
She wants nails and she bites hers, not badly but she doesn`t keep them.
So there I go performing the enhancements and she fidgets and fidgets and fidgets and fidgets.
When I finally finish doing the longest set ever, she pulls them all after a few days.
She is such a bad advert for nails, but I love her to bits and when she wants another set, off I go again.
On a better note, she is good practice for anything new.
And lets face it, no-one is going to be worse than her to work on
Well I did my Sister's nails the last week and already one of them has come off.

It was the first time I had used Clear tips with Pink and White acrylic. She says that it can't have beem glued down properly because she went swimming and water got down it, then they next day it lifted right off. :?

I can't think what else might have been wrong with it. The other nine are all fine! Guess I can't have been concentrating too well when I did that one though. :?

My sister isn't that bad too do nails on, apart from her hand stiffens up and it's impossible to bend her fingers! :D She never tells me though when she has broken them, I think it is because I don't charge her that she feels like she is putting on me. I love her to bits though! :aww:
I know exactly how you feel :? my daughter has to be my worst client EVER!
She fidgets and wiggles and complains the whole time then picks them all off within a matter of days, think the longest she has had them on is about a week and a half. Then you hear "mum I want my nails back on"
ahhhhhhh....... :frust:
gotta luv her tho
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