bad form..all gapped up...and down and out about it...


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I use Tammy Taylor double thick in oval, square and regular. They are very durable. However, it is still hard to find the right shape for everyone, even with the three different shaped nail forms.

Most manufacturers just have one form for everyone.This seems illogical, but can it be done? Are the Performance forms CND?

Thanks and I will be waiting for that tutorial on fun!

Leigh Ann

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Jan 12, 2003
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Lately, when sculpting I cant seem to get the forms to fit right on people. :frust: They either won't go up under the free edge because the person has no free edge to hook it up under because they ripped it off, therefore the forms sort of wiggle around and won't stay still. Or if they have a free edge, the free edge is uneven, like too high on side, or just plain deformed, then the form leaves a gap on one or btoh sides. Or their nail grows down and out on one side, so the sculpt just sort slides off and makes the c-curve uneven on one side.

So what is a girl to do???????????????? :D

I am obsessed with sculpting. I just love torturing myself (not) trying to fit these forms on people :cus: ......I want to sculpt more........but can anyone tell me what to do? I think every torn up hypnochium'ed lady in the whole state of Georgia decided to show up on my doorstep saying "We want sculptured nails! ". Is this a bad joke or nightmare or something? ;)

I guess I will have to use more of my tips. Which brings me to my next point. Can someone do a tutorial on tips? Like this tip is for this shape nail plate, and this one for so and so.....I use mostly OPI Dimension & Perspectives because they are half well. I hate using full well tips. If I see that I will have to use a full well tip, welllllll......I just would rather sculpt.

Nail Geek..........can you help?

Leigh Ann
Turn me upside down and slap me silly...

I totally forgot that I have pics to do a tip application (i.e. customising and stuff)... I totally spaced it off... Ill try to get it up this week.

About the forms... Have you tried the Performance forms?? They do make sculpting a hell of a lot easier than those freaky horeshoe ones.

Forms sometimes drive me nuts!!!!, then just like you which freaking tip do you use on what shape nail. I too hate full well tips and I choose to cut the wells out, as per Vicki Peter's suggestion. It works but am still having a bit of trouble with them!!! i just need to know a lot more info. on tips and forms. They sure don't teach you all you need to know about that in school do they?? I will be anxious to see the tutorial on it!!!! Glad I am not the only one with this frustration! Thanks for posting! :frust:
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