Pamper parties for children


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Apr 29, 2013
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Hi All,

I’m qualified in hair, extensions and gel nail overlay only.

In my area there is definitely a gap in the market for mini pamper parties.

In work I have been asked by someone if I can do a little one for her granddaughter who will be ten.

I have done a little look online about what I can offer … but getting crossed info on dbs checks? I’ve read that I don’t def need one if adults present which of course they would be.
I will get parents to sign a permission and consent form. Allergies etc also mentioned.

I’m just stuck on the beauty side … I was going to do nails and gel toes and the possibly curl hair/plait it … they have asked for simple and little make up maybe?

Do I need to have any qualifications to offer that part for the makeup side? Also looking up edible sensitive face masks for children - cucumber, yogurt, honey etc again are any qualifications needed?

If anyone has any advice in those departments please feel free to pass on.

Thank you x
Check your insurance, most don't cover gel polish on under 16
I have an 11 yr old grandchild and occasionally I’ll paint a child’s nails for a client so I’ve quite a bit of experience. Primary school age childrens nails can be very thin and delicate.

I wouldn’t dream of using a light curable product, I’d be really concerned about heat spikes.

This age group will cry if startled and there’s always one anxious child that gets overwhelmed. They’ll also get restless. I’d suggest getting them to work on each other with face masks, lip gloss and hand massages.

All parents will expect you to have experience and not to be carrying out a business feasibility pilot on their children - unless you’re a family member and not charging for your time, in which case you need to take reasonable care, just as you would on any play date.

One off Event insurance might cover you if you don’t have pamper parties included on your professional insurance cover.

Regarding qualifications it really depends on what you do. If you are buying non professional products explicitly intended for the age group, with ingredients displayed on the packaging and parents are present then I can’t see that you’d need training to apply said product. Once you start running a Childrens workshop experience of course you’d need to have undertaken some sort of training in preparation.

What’s your day job? if you are a primary or early years teacher for instance you could probably risk assess the issues and decide for yourself what training was appropriate.
Thank you for the advice. The gel overlay for toes would be for older children/teens

Normal child friendly polish for younger ones

Child friendly edible face mask … been to a party before and a lady did them. The children loved them.

I’ll have a look online for more info


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