Basic mani and Perfect French...?


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Oct 15, 2009
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i live in a small town for maybey 8,000 people at the most and there is 18 salons in this town. So my question is what do you guys consider to be a basic manicure? Because for my manicure i charge $15.00 which includes a soak, file and shape, removing the cuticle, a hand scrub and then a lotioned massage and a polish... I think im not charging enough maybe that should be a spa i guess what are your guys basic manis? Im trying to decide what would be a basic mani when i do the shellac application...Also when you do a french manicure with polish, or a shellac french whats everyones best advise to get that perfect crisp line. Ive been doing nails for 4 years now and everyone has there own tips and tricks...
I think for a basic mani: remove polish, file, shape, cuticle work and polish. A more luxurious mani would be all the previous steps + scrub and massage.

As for the french, check out this vid.

It has really helped me with my smile lines. Much LESS 'fixing'. I hope it helps you, too! :)
thanks i will check it out
you could try dashing diva. Xx
Personally if I was happy with my treatment but not happy with the price, I would just add onto the price instead of creating more treatments.

Your treatment is worth more than you are charging so dont be afraid to charge more.
I offer the same basic mani as you, and I charge $20

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