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Ashleigh Jean

Oct 17, 2009
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Hi everyone,

Im sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place I just thought all the biz geeks out there would hopefully be able to help.

I am despratly trying to find a Beauty apprenticeship but I am having no luck what so ever I have called salons around my area (romford) and most of them said that they are not looking for anyone and some are looking for people with some experience which is no good for me as the only experience I have is what I have taught myself I havent actually got any qualifications :|

If there is anyone on here who has done a bauty apprenticeship or knows of anyone looking or where I can go from here any advice would be greatly appreciated, college has been a option but I would rather be in a salon working in the industry as I have never wanted to go to college.

Many thanks in advance for any help/advice

Ashleigh x
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I think you'll probably either have to go to college or pay for your own training. There are plenty of training academies around - google and your location will throw up plenty of results!

Good luck!
i know alot of colleges offer beauty apprenteships now, were you attend college for one full day and work in a salon for the rest. They can also help you find one, the college i attend (liverpool) offer the scheme for nails and beauty. Maybe if you give a college in your areaa call, they might have info. i know you would rather not go to college but whats one day.
Hi there, we are opening our new training academy and salon in 2 weeks in Romford.

We have unfortunately just taken a beauty apprentice to train ourselves.

Send your CV to us.
Thanks for getting back to me everyone :) .Help and advice very much appreciated x

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