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Laura Lou 82

Aug 10, 2013
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Hi everyone
I have just started a level 2 nail tech course and all my kit has arrived! Can anyone recommend a decent but not overpriced box to keep it all in? I've been looking on eBay/amazon and the cheaper ones look the same as the more expensive ones?? I can't afford a really expensive one but would prefer to get a decent one first off rather than have to buy twice!
Many Thanks x
I've got the Roo mamba box and I love it! Was about £60 I think x
The roo monsoon case is on sale for £60 at the moment.
It's a bit bigger than the mamba case but you'll need extra room for all the bits & pieces you'll end up adding to your kit in the future lol Xx
Thanks, I think I will need the bigger one! I would prefer the black one but for £30 saving should probably go for the silver one :) I'm planning on being mobile once I've done the course so i might as well get what I want xx

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