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Nov 18, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I'm just doing a bit of research, those of you who rent a room in a salon, how much do you pay/charge, and what does this include?

Thank you!

I rent within a hair salon in town centre in West Yorkshire. I pay £100 a week, all inclusive of elec/water etc. can work what days/times I want and have been able to decorate/change things in my sections if I wanted to. I have a treatment room, spray tan room and a nail section in one of hair rooms :)
I am currently looking at rooms, and have been given 5 different prices and these places were all 20 mins from each other.

1st place £700 rent a month, buy own products, do own promotion and they want me to share the room.

2nd place. £400 rent a month, buy own products, do own promotion with a odd shaped room - unable to offer all treatments.

3rd place £160 rent a month, then going up to £200 after 3 months, has client base, very small room again unable to offer all treatments, buy own products, do own promotion.

4th place £350 rent a month, has client base, do not want all the treatments i offer, already have a pricelist in place and will not allow this to be changed, also want a % of my takings as they have a client base. they will promote me but i have to buy products

5th place. £400 rent, i can re-decorate room, offer all treatments, they will promote me and help with cost of products. Another beauty therapist employed there,

My cousin is also a beauty therapist and her rent is £800 a month and the girl next door to her is £1000 a month that includes all business rates, water, elec and tea and coffee.

Leely x
Usually rent includes gas/electric/water, music licence, business rates, use of room, may include use of a desk/chair/bed in your space. It should also include any repair work, up keep of facilities.

Products/advertising/separate phone line (if you want a separate number-not essential as you can use a mobile) insurance, uniform, price lists, towels equipment should all be provided by you.


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