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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, i was just looking at an add for the proffessional beauty shows next year, being new to all this, ive never been to one so was hoping some of you lovely, more experienced peeps can tell me a bit more about them...

what exactly happens at the shows? is it more of an exhibition for companies to promote their products? are you able to purchase products at the shows and if so, is there usually an opportunity to get a bargain or is it the other way round? i wont go on with questions, you probably get from what ive asked so far that i know nothing about the shows! lol!....
It is lots of different companies promoting them selves and their products, lots of them have new and exciting things for us to try out and buy and most of them have lots of special offers on so yes bargains are to be had,
lots of nail competitions are held at them and a lot of demos are shown,
there is also talks from different people about nail, beauty, tanning etc

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