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Dec 12, 2009
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Hi all... wasn't sure where to post this one but think this is my best option!! I wondered if any of you guys do hair extensions as well as beauty, but are not trained hairdressers? I always thought you'd need to be a hairdresser first but it seems not looking at some of the training companies. I'm looking at possibly training but obviously want to be sure first. If you do it at the mo, is it worth it and how easy did you find it to pick up? Any info / advice is much appreciated before I spend my hard earned money!!!!:)
One of my clients is a hairdresser and she said anyone can learn how to do it but you need to know how to cut the hair once the extensions are in. Hope this helps.
Thanks smooth...have been reading through similar posts and this is really a hot topic!!! I then went and looked at doing hair at the local college but it seems you have to work in a hairdressers to enable you to be assesed but I have my own beauty salon so this isn't an option :rolleyes: how frustrating!!! If anyone can help, please do.....:confused:
You are right this is a hot topic, I think a few hair geeks wi be avoiding it t b h.

Basically I don't think the one day short courses are enough. As previously said, you need to learn to cut the extensions, which is a huge job. Let's face it, it's all down to the cut to whether it looks like a great set or not.

I believe you need hairdressing experince otherwise you will feel totally out of your depth. Just cos I'm a hairdrresser doesn't mean if I do a day course on acrylic nails I'll be doing amazing nails after it.

Good luck with it all x

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