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May 4, 2004
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hi everyone,

Any help would be greatly appreciated, am trying to get started as mobile tech, have been working in salons for abt 3 years now, just need some advice on everything i need to think of!

such as insurance, whos best to go with? and any hints and tips would be fab!

Hello, i have my insurance with proffesion beauty there is also babtac , i also had to call the tax office to let them know i was self employed , also i called the nation insurance to make contributions, as you need this.If you are using your car you need to call your insurance provider to let them know, my insurance didnt change but they included it in my policy. If you are naming your business then check there are no other businesses with your name you can check on the national business register. urm cant think of anything else , anyone else think of anything! Good luck in your new venture!:hug:
Hi, I understand your plight! After 12 years of working from home I'm opening a shop in a months time. I got lots of help off the businesslink website, its really helpful and lets you know all your legal obligations, Health and Safety etc. X
Good luck to you

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