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Mar 23, 2016
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Big Timber, Montana, United States
Hello all! So I am not actually a hairdresser... Or a professional on any of these services. But I do desperately need help. Professionals help. I've been dyeing my hair a dark brown with a red tint to it (vague, I know) for about 5 years. Now I've gotten to a point where I realize this may not be the right color for me! I am completely unhappy with my hair in general. Color, shape, cut. I need any and all advice of what you guys recommend I do based on my photo. I am begging! My trusty hairstylist is too scared to put me one way or the other in fear that I will hate it... I do have some light freckling on my face and my eyebrows are slightly filled in.
I'm not a hairdresser but imo it's currently too dark and long. You've got quite pale skin, even look like you could be a natural redhead but I think you'd suit any colour as long as it's lighter. You could get it layered too, for more body and movement. Look online for pics you like and give it a whirl- you can easily change it if you don't like it!
I'd go lighter on the brows too [emoji4]
I think you look lovely and it's a nice almost alternative look if that's what you're going for. Dark hair and pale skin is one of my favourite looks and I wouldn't say that it looks so unnatural on you that it is problematic. Your hair has a lovely length to it that many would pay a lot of money to achieve with extensions.

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