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Mar 27, 2007
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So basically- I graduated with my nail speciality license in December 06, my plan was to go to school for education after that and use nails to put me through school. My first day of college for education was today and I backed out! I drove to the school, but I just felt like this isn't what I want to do!!! I have always felt like I would love to be an esthetician just as much as a nail technician. I was wondering if someone out there who does both could share their experiences! I know that doing nails is more out of love than what you get financially out of it and I just want to pick a career that I both love and will help me stand on my own two feet as well! I have a daughter and I just want to be confident in being able to provide for her, which is why I felt that I couldn't possibly just do nails alone because you never know from one week to another. Do you guys feel like having both licenses, (esthetics and nails) helps you to be more financially stable?? is it hard to focus and be good at both? Any advice would be soo helpful!! I am stressing!!! :eek:


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Jan 26, 2006
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British Columbia, Canada
When I started out, I took my Nail Tech course, but was talked into taking the esthetics course by my instructor. It was the best thing I ever did. Right now, about 40% of my services is nails, 45% is waxing and 15% is pedicures and tinting. I am busy ALL of the time.

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