Best chair to use


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Hi I've just completes a definition Brow course and I'm setting up a little home salon in my back room.
Ive also done tanning and currently completing level 3 in hair and media make-up.
I'm trying to decide on a bed for waxing but someone suggested a chaise lounge.
I like this idea because it could be used as a seat if I was to do group bookings for hair and make-up. However I'm not sure if this would be the best thing for waxing.

Just wondered I anyone used anything similar or might have some advice.
Thanks in advance

House Beauty

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You’d be better off with a couch or couch chair. I’ve always done eyebrows from lying down position and couldn’t imagine doing it another way. But you wouldn’t be sitting down to do anything other than the tinting so it needs to be at a height you can stand and work from. I’m pretty tall so a regular couch at the highest it goes is jusssst high enough.

But if you are new and can’t afford one, years and years ago i just used a sofa, because my trainer did my lashes once with my lying on my sofa with my head on the arm. We just do what suits us until we can expand and have more expendable income.