Best roller wax system for mobile therapist


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Hi guys,
Iv done my own research and looked at some useful thread on here in relation to the best roller wax on the market today. However I am still undecided which roller waxing system to invest in. Has anyone had experience with more than one? Also any pros and cons would be great. I appreciate any other mobile tips too. Thanks in advance xxx

I use the Perron Rigot roller system as I absolutely love their wax, they all come in cartridges too and makes my life so much easier. The only gripe I do have with their roller system is that I have two on the go at the same time, and I find the connection between the two is a bit rubbish. I have to make sure that once it’s connected together it isn’t knocked or sometimes it’s now powering the second one! As long as you keep an eye and make sure it’s connected properly then other than that it’s really good x

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I bought all the kit when I started and gave up after a few waxes and went for pots. Would recommend asking any Beauty friends if you can try one out or demo one at a trade show before investing. Not for everyone.

I have the clean and easy not used it much as I still have my wax pot I did a leg wax with the roller system and it’s fantastic so quick.


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I've used about 4 different roller systems over my 30 years of waxing and Clean + easy has the best, most reliable wax & equipment.
There is a knack to how you work with the system but I think you get the dvd with the starter kit.
How you remove the wax is exactly the same as you would as if you had applied the wax with a spatula. No difference there except for the fact that with roller, you always have a very consistent thin layer (no unevenness to the wax layer).

The most common mistake I found when teaching students roller waxing was that they wouldn't close the front when taking a cartridge out to use. This inevitably allows the wax to cool a little and leads to poor wax flow through the roller head.

As I say, there's a knack to every wax system!