Best shampoo to take on holiday?


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Jan 3, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

Im off on holiday soon and really need some help with products to take as I dont want my hair drying out! Its going to be quite hot so need some good stuff

Any advice would be great!!

Thank You
What hair type do you have? Is it coloured? Highlighted? Fine? Thick? Coarse? Curly? Will you straighten it?
Its a chocolate brown at the moment I have just had a full head, fine hair! I use Goldwell at the moment but just wondered what is best as dont want to damage too much as I will need to use straightners to style!

Ok you need something to retain colour, protect from heat, and provide UV protection.
Best bet is Pureology. They do shampoos and conditioners for all hair types but they ALL have uv and colour protection in. Id would use the volume range for fine hair, or the hydrate range if your hair is prone to being a little dryer.
Joico do a great Thermal protect spray in the Smooth Cure line. Great for use with irons, dryers, or just spritz on in the sun for extra protection.
You can get the products from salons or online, Persianista on here sells Pureology through her website lower than the RRP (indigo hair i think)
Hope thats helps
Have a nice holiday :wink2: xx
Thank you so much, that is really helpful :) Im going to get some now!


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