Best Shellac colours to make matte?


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Sarah Badger

Feb 24, 2016
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Hi all

Just wondered which shellac colours you've found look amazing when Matte-ified!?

Creekside, Tinted Love, Winter Glow, Wisteria Haze, Rubble, Asphalt and of course Blackpool are my favourites to matte.
I've had in mind to try Fine Vermillion this week, as some shimmer shades can also look lovely when made matte.
Rosebud got a good response on my Facebook page this week :)


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How do you make it look Matt is it two coats of top coat and buff the top?? Thankyou
How do you make the shellac matte? No topcoat and disperse?
Rosebud looks amazing x
Does it still last the same with no top coat??
No! Always topcoat!
2 topcoats and a fine buffer is the best way with Shellac.
Do you use a buffer from CND? And it doesn't buff the shellac off at all?
I do a complete Shellac application, no buffing... Simply add a matt top coat at the end of application, I use Barry M, it seems to keep the matt finish the longest.

Gelish do their own matt top coat though, not sure if that would work?
On my own nails I just use a matte topcoat, I like the nails inc one but on clients i tend to buff the shine off the second top coat with the smooth side of the cnd koala buffer xx

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