Best way to contact schools for xmas fayres?


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi all,

Im wanting to offer some free nail treatments, maybe a manicure/pedicure/twinkle toes/DD/Minx or a mum and daughter treatment (not all of them obviously im not made of money) :) for the local primary schools to offer for at the christmas fayres for raffle prizes. To gain a bit of publicity and let them know we are opening a new salon nearby in Decemeber.

Whats the best way to contact the schools? I know schools can be a little fussy these days so i want to go about the it in the most professional way possible.

Has anyone done this before? What treatments did you offer for the raffle? Any other advice would be fantastic!!

Hi, I would think the best way to contact them would be through a proffessional letter containing information about yourself and your business and stating what services you would like to offer etc, this should be then followed up about a week later with a telephone call to the school after they have had chance to look over your proposal so you can answer any questions they may have etc.
Hope this helps!
Good luck!

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