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Apr 25, 2012
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Hi Geeks when i did my manicure / pedi training i did not get advice for how to best do french with normal polish. I used to get acrillics at the chinese nail shop and they always used to paint lots of white on, then get a brush and tidy up with remover, then paint the pink under the white line, and finish with top coat. This seems like the easiest way but i dont understand how the base coat would stay on (where the pink bit is if your basically taking that off when your tidying the white) I hope this makes sense. What ways do you geeks sugget? What routine works for you x
My procedure is as follows:

Base coat
Pink (covering whole nail)
White (going from corner to centre on each side)

I have never needed to tidy up my french polish... if any gets on the skin then I clean that up but I've never made a mess on the nail and had to correct it!

Keep practising your french application - it's really so basic and asked for so often that EVERY nail tech should know how to do it with ease!

Practise makes perfect - keep at it and you won't need any little tricks on correcting.

If you aren't confident enough to do french polish, you could always try Dashing Diva french wraps?

Well.. There is an easy way to make french tip nice and crisp, paint white tip whatever way you need, then take any flat brush available dip it into Nailfresh by CND, remove any imperfection. this will make the tip as tidy as it gets , use this method any time, i use it on clients. There a lot of threads on this here, you can find videos on Youtube also.
If you really need to use a brush to tidy up your smile line, apply base only on the tips before the white, clean the smile line, then base on the rest and finish with pink and top coat. But with practice, you would rarely need to tidy up the white.

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