Best Wella purple/violet toner to tone yellow hair to blonde


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Apr 9, 2016
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I am a newly qualified hairdresser! I have been using L'oreal proffessional range but I have a client who is a friend and wants me to use Wella Koleston with Pastel to tone, she is really fussy and has this at her hairdressers so I will use it for her.

I also am thinking of moving to Wella as I am a mobile hairdresser and think some of the colours look better so I am just going to use the Wella range on her.

Which is fine, but she wants 8/1 Koleston toner with Pastel developer and a violet toner to tone the yellow.

She said sometimes they have been mixed and sometimes not, she think they mixed the shades when she had colour touch used on her and 8/81 instead of 8/1 but more recently she has just had 8/1 Koleston with Pastel and then a violet toner afterwards.

She already has and wants to keep her natural looking ashy cool blonde base 8 highlights.

She is a natural base 4 or 5 (she has highlights but it's no darker than a 4, more of a 5 I would say) and her hair takes quite well but she likes it really really cool but not really light because of her dark base.

My question is, which is the best or the Wella violet/purple toner to tone the yellow that she gets after lifting? I am just trying to order the dyes and I cannot find the colour touch violet toner she talks of and she doesn't know the name or number (just ones to make the hair purple, not blonde) and I don't think kolston have one if I remember rightly.. Any help much appreciated, I kind of new to this and want to use wella colours and make sure her hair still looks great afterwards.

I am finding colour fresh /6 but I know this isn't what I want or what she means.. is there a violet color for toning in the colour touch range? I can find 10/6 but unsure if she means this one

By the way, I will be using Wella Blonder Multi-Blonde Powder with Welloxon 9% to lift for around 40 mins
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