Billion Dollar Brows


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Hey Everyone, I’ve just been looking to doing a more in depth brow course and Billion Dollar Brows keep popping up. What’s more they offer an online course which is perfect as I wouldn’t be able to travel to their locations for personal reasons.... so my question(s) is, Does anyone offer billion dollar brows? How did they take off?? Also has anyone done the online course... I think it’s quite new so may not be many
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Hi, I did Billion Dollar Brows in 2013. It was my first investment in branded training and also in retail products. It worked very well for me. I did a Groupon deal and lots of bookings bought makeup which more than covered the discount on the service and helped me cover my initial investment. I learnt a lot about retail through BDB. For instance when we just have a few bits of stock left, nothing sells, but when we stock up - it flies out the door.

I'm not so sure about online training as I believe that a training day meeting other professionals is very worthwhile. I'm not sure if I'd really have "got" the brand if I'd just watched demos. Before I did my training I researched on YouTube and went to a live demo. So the only thing new on my training was observing and experiencing the trainer feedback on our work.

I'd definitely recommend their shaping techniques training and the BDB tool. It's a great way to discuss the treatment with the client and you'll find your work improves significantly. I spent my first 6 weeks discreetly "checking" my existing clients...eek!!


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I cant comment on BDB itself but maybe have a look at a course near you as there is so many steps in the precision brow course that it could be quite tricky to pick this all up online, especially when you are new to the treatment?
If you post where you are there might be some suggestions for companies near you?