Bio slimming wraps, how do you find them?


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Sep 27, 2010
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Northern Ireland
Hello geeks, hope you all had a lovely Easter :)
Basically I have just set up my home salon and want to bring in an inch loss wrap, I have used universal contour wraps for years so I have enquired about all the set up costs.
While searching old threads on here I came across bio slimming. I have received info about their set up costs also.

So what I want to know is, anyone who uses bioslimming, how do you find it sells? Are you able to charge the recommended price and does it give good results? I like that it apparently helps to get rid of cellulite too.

I would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who offers it from a home based salon or mobile.

Thanks in advance xx
So does no one use Bioslimming??
Hi there,
i have been using Bioslimming for 3 wks now and had great results so far. Lots to love no bandages to wash for one! Have had very happy clients with reduced cellulite, firmer skin, reduction in pain, lost cms - my best so far is 30cm from a lady who was a size 14-16!
Clients have also reported improvement in stretch marks and super soft skin and also weight loss!
Another great thing is not only do clients lose cm after treatment but also next day as it continues to work for 12 hours after.
I have had a lot of interest since launch i charge £65 for hourglass and £75 for full with add on option of mini facial for £10 whilst treatment works.

Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions xx

Fiona x
Thank you for your reply :)
That's great that you're getting such a good reception for it and fab results!
Are you salon, mobile or home based? I really like the look of bioslimming, just not sure if there would be a big demand for it from my clients. Xx
Hi pink fairy,
i am salon based but i dont see why you couldnt be successful with it at home, its a fab service to offer your clients and if you dont them might go somewhere that does? Just a thought!
Iv had 2 of my clients come back this wk to book another one as both had really enjoyed it as well as having good results with it.
I know its quite a start up but you would get that back after 7 clients or so and the start kit should give you enough for 40 treatments x
I really am tempted by it. How do you find the support from the company?
I take it you did the training, how did you find it?
Thank you so much for your help xx
I'm Also interested to hear people's views on this too as I'd like to bring it into my salon (I have a home salon) do you need training for this treatment?
Does anyone have an email address or website plz xx

There is a contact form on the website, they reply very quickly and yes I think you need to do the training before they will let you take it on xx
Hi pink fairy
did you go ahead with Bioslimming?
The support is fantastic Marion is on hand always to answer any queries.
Its been very popular i am known for massage so that's my bread and butter but i do around 3-4 bioslimming a week at the minute. Im very busy so would probably do more if i had the time!
Fifikin x
And the training great i got a treatment too lost 16.2cm from waist to knee then next day another 12cm couldnt believe measured myself 3 times to check lol, my model for training lost 30.8cm and you could actually see it on her thighs, a very happy lady! X
Im a size 10 and my model 14-16 x
Hiya, actually I haven't decided on anything yet as I have been looking into the shrinking violet wraps too and trying to get feedback from my clients about what they want, which varies from week to week lol.
That's great to hear that you're getting such good results and also that you found the training to be so good too.
It's hard trying to decide whether or not to bring a new system in isn't it? What works for one salon often crashes and burns for another. If I won the lottery I'd just offer everything lol! X
Hi I have been using Bioslimming for over a year now in my clinic and I am delighted with the results. I think sometimes the term 'wrap' can be misleading and I sell this as an inch loss treatment done through massage. My clients love it and the biggest loss so far has been over 21 inches in one treatment. I cant comment on other wraps/inch loss treatments as I havent used them but I can say this is one of the best and most requested treatments in my clinic. The training and support are excellent and the fact a national spa has taken it on board last year I think speaks volumes for the treatment.

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