BioSculpture sculpts on very short nails


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May 18, 2006
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North CHeshire

In advance of my assessment on Monday I asked a colleague if she would like me to do her nails. She's had enhancements before, including BioSculpture. Good choice as she's bored rigid waiting for her housemove on Monday! How long have you got? I asked... as long as it takes! was her reply. What would you like me to do? Whatever you need to do!

Before she arrived my plan was to do NNO, but when she arrived she apologised that her nails were rather short, most trimmed short after gardening, a couple very short from nibbling. I decided that under the circumstances it would be a good idea to practise doing a set of sculpts on her.

I was surprised how well I managed on the whole, but there were a few things that bothered me. The main thing was that I got them a bit thick on the corners, but she said that they weren't the thickest she had ever had. I butchered the forms a little to get a reasonable fit on the small round index finger nail, but even then there seemed to be little gaps at the side on one or two. I didn't really know what to do about the very short nail. I didn't get them as thin as the ones I did on myself last week. Don't know why.

It took me 2 1/2 hours to do the sculpts, Rose French and finished with S Gel. I've done sculpts on myself and the odd one to even things up, but this was the first set I have done on someone else.
Well done hun, Bio sculpts on short nails aren't the easist in the world.

Why not now look into going on the sculpting'll learn a4 differnt ways of sculpting, including the double silk sculpt without a form that is great for short or bitten nails. Pics in my gallery if you want to see the results.

Good luck with your asseessment....get your prep done as much as possible beforehand, and they you are just giving them a tidy up prep - it saves you quite a lot of time!

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