Bleach bath or colour remover?


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Feb 13, 2012
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What delivers the best results in your opinion, when needing to remove a build up of tint, and how hard do you find it to match the roots? Any experiences shared would be great.
happy easter!
I think it depends on hair condition and how much colour removal you need to achieve. I've used both and must say that cost wise the bleach bath wins. I find that as long as you perform a strand test and whilst the bleach bath is on and don't get sidetracked, they can work perfectly well x
For me its got to be a bleach bath at the basin before colouring toi get the even tone and base im after.
With the system we use condition comes way above anything and everything else so we always treat before during and after any chemical service.
I do randomly use a colour remover but only if the build up is that bad then it would take more than 1 application of a bleach bath which will then compromise the hair condition.
Hope i helped a little and happy easter to you too x

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