Bleaching hair over highlights?


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Feb 19, 2016
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Hi! 6 months ago, i got my hair dyed dark brown. About 2 months ago, i got my hair highlighted all over twice. Now i want to bleach my hair all over. I used to have platinum hair for about 4 years before dying it brown. So that is the color underneath the brown. Should i use color remover to ligten the brown then bleach it? Or pick out the brown strands and bleach those(although it would be hard because the highlights consist of chunky and thin), or just bleach all over? Also, i do have a beauty licsense so i will be using olaplex just have never had to do this process before!
Thanks so much!
If you bleach all over you will most likely destroy and fry the hair that's already been bleached. Even with olaplex.
Agree, you need to pick out the brown bits
All over should not be done with or without Olaplex. Olaplex is only an added insurance. Please use good judgement as you would without Olaplex.

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