Bonded hair extensions maintenance?


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Oct 7, 2015
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I have been trained in doing bond hair extensions, I was told on the course to just check the bonds at around 5 weeks so refit any that have came out etc, and then told too remove them 8-10 weeks after the Maintence. That means they will have been in for around 4 months. Will clients not get matting at the roots? As for example on my nanos I take them all out and re fit them after 6-8 weeks and would never leave them for 4 weeks as I think they'd Matt ;/
Hi Maisie! That's correct, 95% of our clients keep bonds in for 4 months on average with no matting. Its best to offer a maintenance every 4-6 weeks to keep an eye on them as some clients have naturally knotty hair which obviously matt's more x
Is it advisable to still allow bonded extentions to be kept in up to 4 months even if a client has thin hair ? X

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