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Aug 21, 2007
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I am currently taking part in a Creative nail course and also a Sukar sugaring course which will both be completed by the 1st of October. I love having facials myself and would really like to branch out into skincare etc. Anyone have suggestions on training and companies?
Hiya, nice to see another sukar gal on here. Are you being trained by Nagwa herself?
Yes i am being trained by Nagwa at the end of this month.
If you're interested in study to become a beauty therapist then your best bet would be to check out your local college and see what courses they offer. Ideally you would want a VTCT NVQ2 course.
I would agree with Debs for your beauty training VTCT NVQ II is the way to go. As far as I am aware (and according to my college tutor) this qualification is recognised world wide and in fact she has a friend who has opened a spa in california based on her NVQ's.

Hope this helps and hope your training with Nagwa goes well. You will love the product and there aren't that many sugaring practitioners around, so this will bring you quite a bit of business.

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