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fairy beauty

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Dec 4, 2007
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i'm new here. i'm busy with my school voor beauty therapist
i live in holland so if my english isn't the best i'm sorry

i'm looking for a brand to start with after my exams in march

thinking of hive solutions
what are your experinces with it?
what kind of facials do you give?

thanks a lot for helping me

greets eileen
There is a few facial products on the market, I personally love darphin, would love to use this, but not yet.

I use the skin truth products from beauty express.

The facial treatments I do are Collagen, Rebalancing, Mens, and Relaxing, most popular is the collagen, a fantastic treatment, with good results.

Good luck in your course, and your world of the beauty industry.:hug:
When I was training I bought Hive Solutions and I have to say that after using it for a couple of weeks my skin had never looked worse!

I binned the whole lot and bought Eve Taylor which I now stock professionally.
I use Transformulas Cosmedik range, which suites men and women and Austrailian Body card for younger clients.
I also teach in the salon and use Hara by Aston and fincher which is lovely and very reasonably priced.
Hope this helps

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