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Apr 27, 2004
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hi ive found a wicked site that sell templates for brazilians has anyone used templates b4 is it easy to do the different shapes???
hey missus , you gotta share the info ;) , wot site is it ? , there is a good one , it has message boards and allsorts , as for templates i have no idea if they are easy , but would have a go lol
its lotsa temolates gonna try it out . ok the link isnt working go to the wax site on your link dee and there are a couple of links on there xx
right i am off for a look !! might get some and see if i can find a guinea pig (you can hear the screams lol) thanks hun
Wow never used one before but what a brill idea.
Mmmm as you say Dee need to find a model to test it on ...
i tried to get on to the site but it wont let me on , have to try again later :rolleyes:
hi did you find it dee the templates attached to thongs???
no i still cant get on the site , dunno why
wats your e mail and ill e mail u the link???
ok ive sent it xx
hi emma there must be something with my comp coz it has blocked sazziedesigns dunno why ,

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