Brazillian blowout


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Jul 7, 2013
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Has anyone used or got any knowledge of this product???

Have just started using la brasiliana and good client feedback so far. I bought the one that has 72 hours before you can shampoo which is a pain but since then there is a 24 hour one which I will buy next time.

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I have Brazilian blowout far better than the others in my option it's all done in the one day and see the results straight away :) never had a unhappy client to date xxx
I've had a client ask for it so I researched it found a website registered with them and tried to email them but have had no response!
Website isn't much use or is it cos I'm on a phone??
Where do u order urs from??
I was hoping to go with this one as it seems quicker than the others ( no waiting before washing)
But I might look at the brasilliana 24 hr one then


Can i ask where you have been buying la brasiliana from? I am trained in this but have been finding it hard to source...every time i as in my local sallys they don't have any, or its one i don't recognise.

Capital stock it and you can order on line. Have you tried Sally website, they have vat free on thurs so you may be able to order on line if your local branch is out of stock?

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I will have a look..thank you! X

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