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Apr 19, 2006
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Duncan, BC
So.... lucky me I just got the brisa colours! Shimmers and now what? I would love to see and hear what some people have done with them. What seems to be the most popular mix?
thanks in advance
The silver frost is my favorite. I've had lots of positive feedback wearing it as well as the gold shimmer with the opaque pinks.

So how would I go about applying these......the book that came with the colours is less than insightful (IMO)......I'm getting the impression that I'm suppose to mix a drop of it in with something else....could I mix it in with the finishing gloss? Can I just use the colours as is, without mixing?

I'm just confused...
I like heavily detailed information on things and I just didn't find the info I got from the kit was at all detailed. It seemed more like an introduction to the possibilities than a "how to use". As far as I know there are no classes available for me to take. I've taken the brisa class when I first got it, but colours weren't available then.

Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
I use two super thin coats over the finished nail for all over color. I don't use the UV finishing gel over it in that case.

You can mix it in with any of the Brisa gels just as you could add twilight powder to any other color powder for a custom blend. Does that make sense?
I think I get it...I will just have to play around a bit. Thanks

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