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Jan 11, 2003
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do the lamps have 4 bulbs and is it a 36w?
It says on the Brisa box...

3 high-efficiency 9-watt bulbs deliver 27-watts of U.V. cure

Hope this answers your question :D
Just a quick note on the subject...

Wattage=how much energy is consumed by the bulbs, but has little to do with the quantity of UV light output.

It is imperative that the quantity of UV light being output be correct for the system you are using. Doug said that while testing, he found many lamps gave out lower amounts UV light, but were actually higher wattage!
Not wanting to cast dispersions but are you saying that Phillips bulbs 9w bulbs put out less UV than the ones that creative have re-labelled.

As there aren't very many UV bulb manufacturers in the world I am mighty curious on this?
Creative have done no relabeling of the bulbs used in the Brisa Lamp.

They are quite open about the fact that the bulbs are made by Phillips but that they are High efficiency (high UV output) and these are the ones that must be used in the lamp. It says quite clearly on the label 'phillips'. Why would anyone think differently?

Perhaps it is common practice for LCN, Akzents, Allessandro and other gel companies to put a different lables on the bulbs used in thier lamps NAG? I didn't know this was the case. I don't think they ever thought of that at Creative??

Altho Designer nails will be stocking these bulbs as a convenience to the customer at a normal price, if they can be obtained elsewhere ... that is also just fine.
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