Brisa UV Finishing Gloss


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May 18, 2006
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Hamilton, New Zealand
Hello All,
I am just wondering if the clear gel and be used in place of the UV finishing gloss?
I have just seen someone advertise the clear gel as being able "to use it on top to make them shine"...
So I guess I'm now wondering what the difference is between these two products. At guess I would say that the UV finishing gloss has something in it to make it shine, whereas the clear gel doesn't?
there is no reason why you cant finish the nails with just the clear gel, but they wont be as shiny and the clear gel IMO doesn't self level the same way that the finishing gloss your application does need to be spot on. or you could do your clear, cure, wipe and buff and then clear again.

They wont be as glossy looking but then some clients don't like that look anyway.
I've never used the clear gel as a finishing gloss, but I suppose you could, however I don't know what the longevity of shine would be like compared to using the finishing gloss.

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