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Jan 10, 2003
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are any of you going to the british beauty show at stoneleigh park, coventry, FEB 9th & 10th and how about mr & mrs Geek
Both the Mrs and I will be there. Im doing a seminar called Super Sonic Sculpting (I think on the 9th)

Come say Hi.


i will be there on the monday and of course i will come and say hi.
can you tell me if you will have the fabric system there for us to purchase or is it best to ring designer up for it
The Fabric# system will be there in all its glory... We will even be doing demos with it... we will see you there!
can't wait love the shows. :D

can you also tell me what the pictures are on the CND posters has got the names in the catalogue but don't know which they are.

Sorry Geek i know i'm a pain :oops:
and how about mr & mrs Geek

hI cRAZY, Mrs Geek sadly won't be there but I will be at Olympia. With the 2 boys we have to juggle and I have only done this show once before so we decided the Geek should do his 'thang' don't cha know. Have a great time and look forward to seeing you in London. Don't forget Doug Schoon will be coming and he is SOOO worth meeting and talking to!! Byee ;)
Hi, am I the only person here who hasnt got tickets for the Coventry show :( .I've been inundated with ticket applications for Olympia but didnt even know there was a coventry show until you guys mentioned it :( Is the nail industry well represented at this one? Is it worth me trying to get tickets at such a late stage :?:
Hi Gloria,

I would say very much yes this is worth going to - in the past it has been in Donnington. Last year was the first time I had done this one and I really enjoyed it - because it was smaller than the others it wasnt as claustrophobic as the likes of Olympia and you could see more. It eases you in gently rather than chucks you in at the deep-end like Olympia. It is like going to a sweet shop rather than Olympia which is like going to Cadbury land :rofl: I will be there on Sunday. You probably wont be able to pre register at this late stage but you can register on the door if you get a ticket.
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