Buffing and sore nails?


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Aug 26, 2013
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Hi all

I just wonder if someone could shed some light on something- so at a recent mani/pedi and gelish course we were shown buffing and getting the high finish shine on nails- I took off my shellac and used the buffers given (all harmony ones) now I have a lovely shine but have areas of this cloudy white and some nails are sore- could this be the buffing?? Just to add I'm new and learning!

Thanks :)
Of course it could be , hard to say without seeing ,
buffing a bit to much tends to thin your nails ,
Buffing a bit to fast will lead to heat aswlell ,

The white cloudy bits could be something else though ,
Maybe surface dehydration , especially when training , putting product on , and the removing it repeatedly in classes, lots of solar oil will help with this ,

Could be surface delaminiation , but not to likely as the buffing would most likely have cleared that up.

Could also be onycholysis , from Trauma , over filing maybe even over buffing ,
Again happens quite often when training,

I think you shuld brining it up with your teacher , show her , don't be afraid we have almost all done similar when learning ,

Understanding how it happened and how to prevent it from happening to your clients is an important part of becoming a nail tech .


<3 love is like the magic penny .

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Hi there thanks for reply i must have overbuffed.... If u can see here the white under the nails bear the tips- its like shadow white and the tips are sore- lesson learned me thinks.... ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1380354472.037596.jpg

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