building bitten nail plates


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Jul 17, 2003
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Hi All
Well after being very intrigued by Anna's sculpts on bitten nails, l remembered reading about building up a nail bitters nail plate with acrylic - Vicky Peters 'top tip'. l personally do not like bitten nails with tips especially the white tips as they look odd, unbalanced with the tiny amounts of natural nail, then melting the tips so not to cut the cuticle with the file. So l had a read, tried to do the required bits in my head - then my lovely friend came round for her appointment asked if she would like to be the first to have it done and this way the pink and white would look more balanced and natural looking. WOW. :biggrin: Anna you are a Darling for putting your sculpts on the board. :biggrin: Not only did they look like she had a nail plate, the smile line was in a better place and she could have them natural. she was so chuffed booked in double nail art fingers and toes. shame l do not have the leads for my camera - any one else going to try this? or have tried it? One thing that has me thinking (no it did not hurt :biggrin: ) Overexposure to the product - could this be a culprit?
Did you use gel or acrylic?
Sorry for the length of time answering your question havent been able to get online 'but im back now yipeeee' i used acrylic, and the results were brillant and they are still going strong.
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