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Mar 30, 2004
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Portsmouth, Hampshire

I'm gonna be starting to work from home by the end of the year and wondered do any of you put your address on your business cards or just your phone number???

Hi Sammie,

I started out just doing my own nails and have somehow built up a small customer base through word of mouth. As I am mobile, I only have my mobile number, name and Creative Trained on my cards and on the reverse is the next appointment part.
I also am not comfortable with the idea of people having my address unless they need it. As i'm sad to say there are still strange people out there.....

Hope that helps?


ps good luck in your business!
Hi Sammie

Ive drafted mine up and only put MOBILE telephone number on it. Didnt even think of address ?!

i suppose as Im working from home maybe i thought i didnt want to advertise my address straight away as i plan on putting my business cards about abit ?

I think i will stay with just my mobile telephone number because then i can give my address out as and when i need to when people call, feel a little safer that way too.

hope this helps, im really interested to see what the more experienced people say and do before i finalise and have mine printed

Sammie said:

I'm gonna be starting to work from home by the end of the year and wondered do any of you put your address on your business cards or just your phone number???

hi i was told by my printer that you shouldnt put your address on then coz you might get people just arriving on your doorstep expecting an appointment,also you could get unsavoury characters knowing where you live, if you leave your cards in shops etc, hope this helps love dee
Yep same here, Just mobile number. Dont put me address on
Hi Sammie,

I too am starting up at home and only have my 'business mobile' number on my cards. I am lucky enough to have sponsors and they supplied me with my 'business mobile'. As I live in a small market town most people know where to find me.

I only put my business mobile and the name of my road (not house number) and area on the business cards that get given out everywhere - I figured people might want to know what area I am in before making a call.

Once a person has become a client I then give them a different business card with full address, business mobile and house phone - never had any problems so far like that.

Slightly off subject, but something that came up recently with a friend of mine - if you work from home I'd advise you not to put your address on your website - another friend of mine had all sorts of problems because of this which resulted in me staying with her for a week with a baseball bat next to the bed! :lol:

I've always limited my cards to only a mobile number. The area is okay too, as another member said, but I wouldn't add your address. I also note "By Appt. Only" on my cards. Word of mouth works great for me, plus I always give extra cards to clients so they can give them out as well if someone asks "Who did your NAILS???" Good Luck with your new venture!!!

i didnt even think about it and have put my address on them, may be I will do some more then with just the area, that sounds like a good plan!!!
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