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Oct 19, 2011
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Connet IT Systems, Gary Rom Hairdressing and Cumulus, an affiliate company owned by Calvin Rom have all come together to design an app that hairdressers in the United States will be very interested in.

The Cumulus Application is described as an interactive application that is designed to ask the right questions in order to cater to each client's needs. It asks all the questions that a hairdresser may forget to ask, or not have time to explore fully making sure that the client is using the right products, getting the right cut, sporting the right colour and everything else.

"A lot of thought and details have gone into this application to ensure that the stylist and client are happy," says Rom. The idea came to him when he was sitting in his salon and listening to some of his stylists consult. "At Gary Rom Hairdressing, we really focus and train hard to consult correctly with our client and unfortunately as humans, we sometimes bring our good and bad days to the work." Rom explains that "Cumulus never has a bad day".

It's been in development since October 2013 and with just a mobile number and password both clients and stylists can set up. For the client, while the stylist is texturising and teasing he or she can easily navigate and complete their contact details and overall hairstory, from uploading ‘before' photos directly to their personalised gallery or completing a questionnaire on the existing quality of their hair.

Clients will be able to view previous products purchased on their profile, submit ‘after' photos and review their overall gallery in order to duplicate a look. Once a client has been making use of the Cumulus application an automated email has been configured and the client will receive a reminder of their next appointment or even a reminder to purchase their preferred product on their next pamper session.

For the stylist this application will ensure that more time can be spent creating a desired look than trying to remember whether a level six or level nine colour was used. When a stylist logs in to the application he or she is able to view a client collection. With this the stylist will be able to edit existing client information and update details such as products sold or any other relevant information from fringes to frullets. Soon to come features will include reviewing quick tips on healthy hair and an overview of the latest trends.

The hope is that this will eventually be sold onto big players such as L'Oreal with the hope that the industry's standards can be improved with thorough consultation. It's currently not available on any app stores but is sold directly via sales reps who can help salons personalise their application. Not only does it mean that a salon can have all the haircare information regarding a client at the tips of their fingers but it can also remind them that a particular client likes milk and two sugars in their coffee.

It sounds like a sweet and easy way to keep your clients happy and to ensure you can please them from the minute their walk in the door.

For more information visit the web site at Connet Systems | USSD Mobile Apps and Bulk SMS Campaigns.

Until then...geek on!

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